ZWISCHENZEIT / Pedro Majuelos
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19. June 2009 - 15. of July 2009

Pedro Majuelos

When I first met Pedro we were at a surrealist inaugaration held at the UFCA in Algeziras where they had dressed me as an astronautical sweeper launching balloons with photographic messages. There he invited me to see his work on a computer screen surrounded by the hustle and bustle and with balloons up to the ceiling. It didn´t seem the best way to see his work, and although effectively it wasn´t the best way to see it, a taste remained with me, the kind that doesn´t leave your mouth after trying something delicious.

Months passed and circumstances made me return to that unpronounceable title : Zwischenzeit. Zwischenzeit having already been exhibited in other galleries was reinvented in El Fotómata with a collection in which the symbolic, the suggestion and that magic that can contain the routine thing remains cut off from the most evident part of the work.
That allusion to a time between events, that intermediate time as possible translation of the german term makes me think of the iterstitial instant of Robert Frank. To stop oneself in something which nearly does not happen, those moments or spaces that do not grab our attention, that remain hidden from sight stood but in front of our eyes. Josef Saudek used to say that there was a specific time in which a routine object reached the moment of being photographed
To stop oneself in the simple thing and its complexity.Being capable of cleaning distils it of our senses full of stellar moments.

To be capable of cleaning the undertow of our senses full of stellar moments or fireworks so that they can appreciate like in American Beauty the beauty of a moving plastic bag, elevated by the wind. In Zwischenzeit there is a calm and intimacy neccessary to make us see that there is life within things, that the world is full of a beauty, serene and without brashness that awaits us at every step if we are capable of seeing it.
Pedro Majuelos gives us through this classic camera and without artifice the gift whch I also bow to, contact with the magic of the world .Contact with a material and a reality that does not need inventions nor affected spectacles to launch us to the other side of the mirror.

What is more magical than our very own light that floods us everyday?

Martín Rueda.


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María Cañas, Martín Rueda, Carlos R. Liñán, David Jiménez, Diego Ortiz, Miguel Romero, Gabriel Campuzano, Arturo Marín, Tiago Da Cruz. Comissioned by Ricardo León

María Cañas, Martín Rueda, Carlos R. Liñán, David Jiménez, Diego Ortiz, Miguel Romero, Gabriel Campuzano, Arturo Marín, Tiago Da Cruz. Comisario: Ricardo León

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