Estranged Sex / Sandra Torralba
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25 of November until 18 of January

Estranged Sex
Sandra Torralba

“Estranged Sex” proposes an ironic approach, rarefied and critical of sexuality, understood as a bio-psycho-social entity present in every aspect of human existence. It is in fact this comprehesive and global conceptualisation and its contrast with more stereotypical visions that marks the starting point of meaning in the series. “Estranged Sex” is not a reflection of a reality deformed by a skewed mirror but the presentation of a reaction to this reality . It is not a modern or sexually liberated approach, it is both an internal war and a war with the laboured environment in a freer comprehension. It responds to a desire to express indignation through humour, piety through the fragility of its characters, of showing a conventional reality and an unconventional way of contemplating that reality. What I propose is a holistic reflection on sexuality, emotion and sexual practices, the deconstruction of pornography, the naturalisation of the animal as human, the legitimisation of a wide and experimental feminine sexuality, and the challenging of the limits on sexuality imposed by the compulsive social obsession to control, condemn and limit human nature. 
The human being appears here in all its pathetic splendour, tragic vulnerability and intimate humanity. It is a close figure. We see it doubting its daily spaces and it reflects upon us with direct brutality a shamefaced reality where the alienation of the natural coexists with the normalisation of the strange.

The uncaged being, with confused instinct looks for a way of reconciling its animality, corporality and desire with the interference of the socialised and the censured in its ordinary experience. For the bewildered being ends its existence embarking upon extraordinary, disconcerting and sometimes painful situations, facing the empty air, to the worst and to the best of its species.


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SEX 3, commisioned by Martín Rueda, present works by Francisco Pérez de León, Juan Pedro Trejo Lejido, Fran Góngora, Emilie Hallard, Sandra Torralba, Elia Ana Segura, Oscar Vázquez Chambó, Enrique Toscano, Ricky Dávila, José F. Salas, Javier Benitez Pardo, Eduardo Portela, María Cañas, Navia, Marta Martín Emaldi, Carlos Canal and Mariano Vargas.


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María Cañas, Martín Rueda, Carlos R. Liñán, David Jiménez, Diego Ortiz, Miguel Romero, Gabriel Campuzano, Arturo Marín, Tiago Da Cruz. Comissioned by Ricardo León

María Cañas, Martín Rueda, Carlos R. Liñán, David Jiménez, Diego Ortiz, Miguel Romero, Gabriel Campuzano, Arturo Marín, Tiago Da Cruz. Comisario: Ricardo León

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