Tiago Da Cruz (Caldas da Rainha, 1976) has always been moving in between two worlds, halfway between real and unreal, presence and absence. 
He lives – the only way he can - in a place embedded between two seas where cultures are joined or split according to the winds. Some people see reality and don’t say anything, others just live it, and a few, like Da Cruz, live and tell it. The photographic camera has become a tool to give testimony of cities and people.
His pictures, however, are not documentary pictures. There are night windows which could be from any western city. 
There are people, but they’re hardly ever in the pictures. You have to trace them for the trails they leave in the spaces. Da Cruz looks for empty, lost paradises, worlds only existing for those who look twice.
Maybe that’s why it’s useful to rest at his pictures. That’s the only way to find the absent and watch sharply the dimension where the place comes together with the subjective vision of those who inhabit it in a precise momento

© Tiago Da Cruz
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