Seville (September 14th 1955), architect and photographer.
1973 Enters Seville’s Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura and begins his early photographic works.
1980-1986 Development of photographic series with traditional black and white techniques. He takes part in diverse individual and collective exhibitions.
1986 Gives up black and white techniques and public activity in photography. 
Full time dedication to Architecture. 
Graphic experimentation with diverse techniques in electrography for the creation of pictures in which snapshot photography materials take centre stage.
1994 Investigation, learning and experimentation with Polaroid techniques developed by diverse artists, making a complex and coherent compilation which has been referred to several times as an iconographic corpus in contemporary art.
He returns to public activity, focused on the production of “libros de artista” with said Polaroid techniques.
1995-2002 Diverse photographic projects, taking part in individual and collective exhibitions and inclusion in various public and private collections.
2003-2007 In these years the photographic connections have been delineated - mostly exclusive - with a complex urban phenomenon. This, together with his need to record his own memories, puts in order the large number of pictures produced in various archives as a “personal imagery deposit”, and as a container of biographic experiences , all inside the duffuse limits established of the Representation/Creation duality.

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