Born in Cadiz in 199, photography began to have value for me when I began to ask myself why I photograph what I photograph, why the same impulses and sensations move me . It does not matter where they are or the origin of the person, I always try to look for myself be it in the other or in the space that I inhabit in that moment. For me, photographs I take are intrinsically linked to the personal journey, a journey for me to know myself and to know how that which surrounds me acts above me and that similarly whith literature, more than give answers, they follow you to express issues inside the eternal laberynth in which we live. In definition, I seek to unite the pieces of a puzzle that if not even formed they will have in its totality , but that in the contruction can that of sense, to all those instances and memories that pass by me day by day.

© Sergio Castañeira
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