Sandra Torralba is licensed/ has a degree in Psychology and diploma in Social Education. She has a masters and course in integrative psychotherpy, humanista therapy and sexual therapy, centreing in her professional practice principally in the sphere of mental health and the situations of severe pychosocial deficit. SHe decided after many years to leave psychotherapy to one side to dedicate herself entirely to photography. But as she herself resognises th emmeories of her clients have returned to hers, that which has direclty influenced her artistic works. She has ccompleted a masters in photography and diverse courses specific at the school of photography and centte fo image sin Madrid , participating in the majority of the last three years in various collective expositions. And recently inaugurating her first two individual exhibitions in New York and Madrid. In 2010 she formed parto f the Discoveries PHE España and for the second consecutive year shon her work in Madridfoto.

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